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The Healing Power of Lavender: How to Cultivate Gratitude Through Aromatherapy

When we bought Let's Do Lavender in September of 2019, I knew that lavender was good at helping you sleep and it was generally a calming herb. But I've since realized, I knew very little back then. As Dave and I learned more about its other benefits so we were able to educate others, I did not realize the extent to which it was working its magic on me.

I have also been what people call a "Type A" personality. I like lists and plans and backup plans with constant review to make sure I have everything in place for any possible change. A deviation would cause sleepless nights and anxiety. This why I liked Accounting - because really there is not a lot of variables.

But I also had the artist side of me that would take control and wants its freedom to create. And so I started Kasydy Jayne Dolls, the launch of my creative journey and a way that I could sell my creations to buy more materials. Doing the Sequim Lavender Festival, I met Susan who was the original owner of Let's Do Lavender. And in 2019 she was ready to retire. Dave, God bless him, was patient with my enthusiasm but practical since he had owned his own businesses previously. I have a tendency to be a little pitbull-ish when I get my mind set on things. But you know what happened from there.

Back to my being grateful, as I have been thrown different challenges in the last few years, I have been able to manage the curveballs. I am able to stop and realize that if I can't get something done life will continue on. Do I still want it all to go may way, of course, who doesn't? But I have been able to realize that the Universe has another plan. And don't you go wasting as much time as I used to trying to force the Universe to change its mind. Now it could be just the wisdom that comes with age, but in all honesty, I think that lavender with its ability to reduce anxiety and stress has played a huge part.

And I am fully immersed in it. Lavender bath products, lavender buds in all rooms of the house due to different products being produced or stored and I carry lavender with me at all times even if I have become a bit "nose blind" to it. I am now able to reduce the amount of time I spend in what I call my panic spiral. I can recognize them and can ask Dave to help me with them before I get so consumed. I am able to articulate to him what I am having problems with so we can find a solution together.

Thank you lavender!

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